Flipping Websites For Profit

Choosing a great name for your domain is very tricky, contrary to what people believe. They are worth a serious amount of money especially with famous words like business.com and hotels.com. They are actually selling for an astounding $7.5 million and $11 million respectively.

Although it would be impractical to tract all the multi-million dollar domains, it is still very profitable to flip ones for hundred and even thousands of dollars a pop.

In this article, you will learn all the tactics when it comes to domain flipping. We will go through how to track down the expired domains to buying local domains and resell it to small businesses. Just read on the article and you’ll be on your way to become an expert on flipping domains.

Focus on the local domain names

Local SEO has developed into quite a huge industry from a minute market in just a short period of time. From dentists to pizza delivery, every local business owner wants to be on the top list on their specific targeted keywords.

The best way in climbing the rakings of search engines is by choosing a domain name with your targeted keywords i.e BostonPizzaDelivery.com. This would bring you to the top of the rankings for the keywords pizza delivery and Boston.

Buy a domain with PageRank

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually more than just making sure that your keyword is relevant with your domain. The domains that have already been used but was not renewed contain hundreds of backlinks, which means it has a high PageRank.

Domains that have a PageRank of more than five are particularly valuable to SEO. These are the ones that makes building links to your own website much easier and what you can do is to rebuild the domain itself so as to attract traffic on search engines. Take note: traffic is where the money gets in. If you have high traffic and a high conversion rate, money should be pouring in.

Dont just flip domains, but websites

Most of the time, a domain will be priced higher if it comes with a well-structured and established website. There are a lot of benefits building a website on a domain brings about and they are:

– it can double or triple the value of the domain;
– it would show its potential to the buyer; and
– it would prove its value on SEO.

Dont hesitate on building a website using WordPress. It should be enough once you spot a domain that’ll generate traffic but with just the minimal additional SEO. Once you have done all this, you now have to find a buyer and reap off your profit from the website you made.

Do not try to sell the domain right away

There are domain flips that can be completed within a week. You register the domain you bought and then look it up on Google. Once you got it set up, you can contact potential buyers from online business directories and sell the domain to them. All that in just a few days.

That might sound simple but not all sales of domains run this smoothly. There are particular domains that would sell for a much higher price if you sell it maybe a year or a few years later like for example those that have a huge value but only to a small and niche audience.

Take on a long-term strategy with this one. It would be better to sell it much more than its value in a year’s time than having to sell it at a minimum within days.

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